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My morning chuckle - MtnVwPilot

Mar. 1st, 2006 08:20 am My morning chuckle

A friend of mine (src) posted this on a mailing list we're both on, and it had me nearly falling out of my chair laughing... I have so been there, sometimes... ;-)

"Soon, soon, my pretties, once I have built the finest alligator gun in the world, I shall begin on my original objective to survey for drainage points in the swamp. (pause) Once I have assembled the ACME Finest Alligator Gun in the World Kit... (pause) Once I have forged the barrel for the ....(pause) Once I have smelted the ore to cast the pig iron to forge the barrel for... oh, look. A meteor. Well, *that's* lucky. Where was I going to *get* the ore to smelt to cast the" ****SPLAT****

Thanks, Strata, for brightening my morning!

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