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Back in the real world - MtnVwPilot

Oct. 8th, 2005 02:49 am Back in the real world

In the pseudo-military lingo of the emergency and relief workers, I "extracted" tonight. I'm flying back from Pensacola FL early on Sunday morning, and had planned to pack/load on Saturday morning, drive to Pensacola Saturday afternoon, spend the night in a hotel, and then catch my early flight. However, we finished up fairly early this afternoon, but too late to start anything else, so I decided to pack and bug out tonight.

So, I'm at my hotel in Pensacola a day earlier than planned. I've had a long, hot shower in a decent-sized tub, and I'm looking forward to my first night's sleep in a real bed in 12 days. Tomorrow, I'm going to sleep late, clean my boots and laptop (our workspace has been in a warehouse for the last few days, so it's covered in soot from the forklift engines), and generally just chill out.

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