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Just back from a couple of weeks in Sweden... - MtnVwPilot

Aug. 3rd, 2009 04:19 pm Just back from a couple of weeks in Sweden...

I just got back from Sweden, where I spent the past couple of weeks helping the IETF use Netomata Config Generator (NCG: the open source software that I've been developing lately) to set up and manage the network for their thrice-annual meeting last week in Stockholm. More details about that on my professional blog, if you're curious.

jan_can_too went, too, and got to do lots of sightseeing while I was hanging out in the IETF NOC; there's more about that in her LiveJournal. I did manage to spend a little bit of time playing tourist, and had a great time at the Vasa Museum, Kunga Slottet (the Royal Palace), and Nobel Museum. One of the conference social events was at the Stockholm City Hall, which is where the Nobel Prize banquet is held each year, and is absolutely spectacular inside. We had a fantastic dinner for my birthday at what is reputed to be the best smörgåsbord in Stockholm, at the Grand Hotel. We stayed at the Sheraton Stockholm, overlooking the water and Gamla Stan (the old town, where the Royal Palace is), which was a very convenient and pleasant walk to both the conference site where I was working and all the tourist attractions; our room was on the side facing the Stockholm City Hall, which is quite a lovely view.

We also got out of Stockholm for a few days at the end of our trip, to visit Malmö and Kalmar. We went to Malmö primarily to visit the Fotevikens Museum (the Viking Preserve, a "living history" village of Viking buildings and craftspeople), and then we drove across to Kalmar, where we stayed overnight and then visited Kalmar Slott. Then we drove back to Stockholm for one more night before flying home (and boy, are our arms tired! ;-) ).

I really liked Sweden in general and Stockholm in particular. The weather was nice (better than it was at home, it sounds like), the food was good, the prices were reasonable, the city was beautiful, and the people were friendly. I'd love to go back sometime when I'm not there for business, and spend more time just bumming around.

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