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Jar-Jar's Laundromat - MtnVwPilot

Jul. 23rd, 2009 08:55 pm Jar-Jar's Laundromat

We're in Sweden. Faced with the prospect of paying outrageous hotel laundry rates, I decided to check around for local laundromats. I found a web site for a place that I'm pretty sure is a local laundromat, but the web page was only in Swedish, so I decided to feed it through a Swedish-to-English translation service that I found on the web. What I got back was this:

Welcome to [name of shop]. We's is expert on modification in hide. We's am changing while yous am awaiting. Have you somewhatas requires fräschas up ors wash? Welcome in to ourselves!

It's Jar-Jar's laundry service!

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