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She won't take any more, Cap'n! - MtnVwPilot

Jun. 5th, 2006 01:38 pm She won't take any more, Cap'n!

There's something very satisfying about maxing out the weight on one of the machines at the gym... ;-)

The free-weight-loaded leg press sled at my gym has a sign on it that says "Max load 1000 pounds". Having done the experiment, I don't see how it's possible to put 1000 pounds of weights onto it... I got up to 900 (20 45-pound plates) today, and there was only room for one more 45-pound plate (and 45-pound plates are as big as they come).

Doing leg presses always seems somewhat magical to me, especially at heavier weights... You push for a second or so, and nothing happens. You push a little harder for another second or two, and still nothing happens. You push harder still, and suddenly the weight comes off the pegs. Where does that "harder" come from, I wonder? I mean, when I'm working at the weights where this happens, I'm always intending to give it my maximum effort on my first push. And yet it takes a couple of seconds and a couple of noticeable "downshifts" before the weight actually moves. What are those "downshifts"? More muscle groups being recruited? And how come that never seems to happen on any other exercise, only leg presses? With pretty much any other exercise (bench press, for example), if I can't move the weight at the first push, I'm not going to be able to move it at all; there's no "more" to dig down into like I somehow do with leg presses.

It took me a while to work through my sets on the leg press, and I saved it until the end of my workout. I'd do a set, then go gather up some more plates from other machines at the gym while I was recovering, then do another set, then go a bit further out to gather up still more plates (hey, when I was done, I think I had at least half the 45-pound plates in the gym loaded onto that one machine!), and so forth. Twice, just as I was starting to bear down and push at the beginning of a set, folks came up and asked me questions... They were both cute girls, though, so I was inclined not to be too upset; that's a really bad time to distract somebody, though! ;-)

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