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FrankenTrike rides again - MtnVwPilot

Aug. 11th, 2005 03:47 pm FrankenTrike rides again

It's alive! We have rebuilt it! Better, stronger, faster than before!

Yes! The trike from last year at Burning Man has been tuned up and rebuilt, and will be making another appearance this year. JC's brother-in-law, the professional bike mechanic, gave it a tuneup. Among other things, he straightened the frame, so that it no longer pulls to the left as you ride. And he replaced the seat. And he fixed the shifter, so you can actually get the thing out of 3rd gear, down into 2nd gear, and sometimes even all the way into 1st gear! (though you probably shouldn't need 1st on the Playa unless you're riding into one hell of a headwind...)

And what, you may ask, is the mailbox strapped across the front wheel? That's one of the battery/motor units that Brad posted about a couple of weeks ago... It's designed to mount on the back wheel of a conventional bike, but I managed (with a little help from Ed's drill press) to make it fit on the front wheel of the trike instead. And hot damn, it works! It's _so_ cool! Power assist!


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